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Sandy Vogel

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The Texas Federation Register is the official newsletter of the Texas Federation of Chapters (TFC), the state unit of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) Association.  The newsletter is published bi-monthly and serves over 150,000 working, retired, and surviving federal annuitants in Texas.  The annual  subscription rate for members is included in member dues.

Ms. Sandy Vogel
Editor,Texas Federation Register
  13906 Wenrich
    Live Oak, TX.  78233

Phone: 210-218-5743

Deadline for submission of articles to the editor (address above) is normally the 1st day of the month of the next issue.  Thus the deadline would be May 1st for May/June issue.  Chapters are encouraged to send articles as soon as they are completed and they will be used in the newsletter at the first opportunity. Delivery of the newsletter will normally be in the second and third week of the first month of the issue.

Address changes should be directed to:
 NARFE National Office
606 N. Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-1814

That office maintains the mailing list. Since each member of NARFE is listed if you do not wish to receive a newsletter for a spouse who is also a member you will need to ask that one of you be dropped from the list.  Should you move out of state you should submit a transfer to a chapter in your new state so that you will receive the newsletter from that state Federation.  Chapter transfer forms are normally available from a Chapter, the national website or the NARFE national magazine.  In the event of a death please also notify the local chapter the individual was a member of so they will be able to include the individual in any memorial remembrances and assist any surviving spouse regarding NARFE membership.  Chapters reporting deaths are reminded that both the Texas Federation Secretary and the NARFE national office should be notified of deaths in accordance with the policy available in the TFC Library  on this website.

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Revised May 10,  2017